discussion question 1 single subject design in social work practical examples

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*****Please read the Article and view the grading rubric in the attachment in order to answer question****

Wong and Vakaharia’s (2012) article speaks to the benefits and limitations of replicating real–world solutions based on practice evaluation techniques learned in class. As detailed by the authors, students were asked to identify a specific problem or goal from which they were to design and implement an intervention using a single–system design (SSD) and then evaluate the outcomes of their various interventions. Topics to be addressed included recurring habits, personal management/organizational concerns, and issues related to other behaviors (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.).

  • Of the 27 students, 16 of them identified themselves as the subject (re: system) of their interventions. In doing so, how might asking them to measure themselves at baseline (Phase A) and during the intervention (Phase B) bias the study?
  • How might the eight students who selected to work with a loved one bias the study?
  • How might you structure the study differently to minimize these potential biases?
  • Now reflect upon yourself. What example from your personal life do you feel comfortable sharing regarding how you tried, either unsuccessfully or successful, to objectively measure and improve one of your traits? How was your view of yourself biased? In your responses to other discussion posts, focus your attention on colleagues responses to the above question. How might a particular student gain objectivity in his/her self–critique?

Notes to follow from my professor

Please note, initial posts should be between 300 and 500 words. As applicable, relate and support your initial post with what you learned from the course materials for this week and any other resources you want to share (e.g., from prior courses), using standard APA citations. In addition to starting a discussion by making your initial post, you are required to read the postings of fellow students and respond to at least two other initial posts. Your responses should elaborate on the initial postings of your colleagues (e.g., exchange ideas, debate points, and/or add to their ideas) and should be approximately 150 words each. Grading Rubrics for this discussion are in the following document: SSS 756 Discussion Board Rubric.pdf


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