Discussion: Exploring Success

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Exploring Success
For this discussion, please be sure to watch the Finding Success video featuring SNHU leaders, and review your reading for this week:


As mentioned in our first discussion, the strategies and skills we will learn and review in this course are not exclusive to your educational path: They are often applicable outside of the classroom as well. Greg Fowler opens the video for this week with the importance of evaluating successes and failures as a leader. Essentially, understanding why we are/were successful or why we failed at any given task, goal, or project is a key component to growth. This self-reflection process is the foundation for continued success and growth in all aspects of life, and this process is transferrable to education as well. The reading this week provides strategies and ideas around success as a student. Taking both the video content and reading for this week into consideration, work to address the following in your initial post:

1. Describe a time when you received feedback on something you needed to improve. The feedback can be from a professional setting, an experience at home or in a personal relationship, an academic learning experience, or another setting. Did you respond with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? If you responded with a fixed mindset, how would you change to a growth mindset? Essentially, what would you do differently? If you responded with a growth mindset, how did that prepare you for new opportunities in the future?

2. There were many words of wisdom from Amelia Manning, Paul LeBlanc, and Greg Fowler in this week’s video. What message connected with you most as a learner and/or a career-path professional? Explain.


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