discussion board entrepreneurship

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Please review the items under Course Content.

We would like to hear your ideas for our class project on the turning art into fashion and fashion into business. This was the presentation in class Wed Jan 23 with Dr. Christy Frederick of the NSU Fine Arts Department. You can see her power point slides under Course Content if you missed the presentation.

We are tasked with suggesting marketable products and a marketing campaign and a finance strategy for a pitch in the Tom Tom Festival Innovators Cup Challenge for college students. The deadline for our slide deck is Feb. 22. If we are chosen, the presentation involves 6 students presenting in Charlottesville Va on Fri Apr 12.

You can see the items we need to put in the slides based on the slide template under Course Content on BB.

Please post your ideas and thoughts for our slides and this project by Sun Jan 27. (200 word minimum post). Thank you.


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