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RChapter 1 states that risks can be divided into three categories: hazard risks, control risks, and opportunity risks. Review the definitions of these risks in Appendix B. Using the format in Table 3.1 (attached below), replace the topic of “owing a car” with one from your company or an organization with which you are familiar (that should be in Philadelphia, PA in the US) . Complete each section and include your new table in the discussion board. Include at least 3 risks for each of the 3 sections of the table (you are welcome to include more if you really get into it!)

Since I don’t have an access for the book, I just attached a sample for the answer, It would be so clear and easy, but totally do a different answer. And please Imply that you are not really familiar with that company or organization, imply that you just did a research about it.

Important notes:

Use any organization or company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US (the information must be cited and referenced)

– Only use official or scholar references

– Use proper APA format for citation and references

– Include 1-2 paragraphs before doing the table. That can be about the organization or the company that you woud write about.


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