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Read the two essays attached to this assignment: Cofer’s “A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood” and Angelou’s “Sister Flowers.” ( https://genius.com/Maya-angelou-mrs-flowers-from-i…) In a post of approximately 300 words, identify what each piece’s thesis is using the skills that we discussed in Week 1. Please note that we are not identifying the TOPIC; that was identified for you in the introduction to this week and we aren’t discussing what happens in the essay or what it’s about. Rather, you should identify the point that each essay is making about its topic. In addition to boiling down the thesis of each piece, you should cite specific phrases or examples from each to demonstrate how each author uses powerful descriptive language or imagery to flesh out the thesis. Remember to also avoid using personal anecdote or opinion to support your claims; stick to the text to analyze what makes it “work.”


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