discussion 1604

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I have two questions of discussion, 100-150 words each question and do not need any requirement just saying your experience and own opinion.

  • The apartment building, the townhouse, the freestanding suburban house, and the country villa each offer a different physical and psychological connection between ‘home’ and ‘city.’ In your opinion, what is the ideal form of dwelling unit? Which model makes for a better community?
  • Go to “Google Maps” and take a look at your home neighborhood OR your Penn State campus. First, describe the sort of urban design that you see. For example, what sort of physical characteristics make up your town or city (or campus)? How are dwellings and businesses integrated into that design? Then, discuss (1) what is good about that design and (2) at least one change that you would make to the community’s physical design that would make it a better place to live.

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