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  1. Based on the information presented in this case study provide answers to the statements listed below.
  2. Your Assignment should be written as a 3–4 page paper observing the rules of 6th edition APA format.
  3. Use each numbered task listed as a Level 1 Heading style in your paper.


Kim, a 30 year old male Asian nursing student in an accelerated prelicensure BSN program, has arranged a meeting today with the clinical instructor for his maternal newborn nursing course, Andre, and the Dean of the School of Nursing, Sheila. Kim has charged he is failing clinical due to discrimination against his Asian ethnicity and the faculty member’s lack of preparation for clinical and indifference to student learning. Kim submitted his concerns and meeting request in an email to the Dean which stated:

Before the meeting with Kim and the faculty member, the Dean gathered information in preparation for the joint discussion.

  1. Identify at least three types of information crucial for the Dean to review before meeting with the student and faculty member. Provide rationales with your selections including at least one scholarly peer-reviewed resource as support for your choices.Once the meeting began the Dean read the letter from Kim out loud and asked for specific examples related to his concerns of discrimination and lack of faculty preparation and student engagement. Kim responded with these examples:
    • Two weeks prior in clinical, Andre, the instructor, told Kim he was not an effective communicator due to lack of eye contact. Andre told him he was failing therapeutic communication for that day and would need to meet with the lab coordinator to arrange practice time for communication skills.
    • Kim stated, “I tried to tell him my Asian culture was careful when making direct eye contact which was viewed as disrespectful so in my mind I was showing respect to my patient while explaining his medications. He told me unless I learn how to look at my patients I will fail clinical.”
    • Mr. Andre, our clinical instructor, is always showing up on the clinical floor at least 15 minutes late and he drinks coffee standing in the hallway. When giving medications I am always late when I have to wait for him to get off the phone so we can review the medications. I feel like he doesn’t want to teach us.
  2. Describe your top three concerns for the student based on comments from the meeting. Provide rationales with your selections including at least one scholarly peer-reviewed resource as support for your choices.
  3. Critique what you have heard regarding Andre’s response. Compare the positive and negative aspects of each interaction listed in Kim’s email.
  4. Develop an improvement plan for Andre. Include at least one strategy you would recommend for:
    • cultural sensitivity;
    • enthusiasm for teaching and;
    • student motivation.

For each strategy you must include:

  • clear directions for Andre related to expectations for student engagement in a culturally diverse student population;
  • resources for Andre to consult related to effective teaching practices and improved student engagement and;
  • a plan for a follow up meeting with Andre within a month of beginning the improvement plan.
  • Provide rationales with your selections including at least one scholarly peer-reviewed resource as support for your choices.

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