Developmental response

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Please respond to mary

My current lifestyle has some good qualities and some bad ones too. I would say my eating bad habits are not the best I like to eat fast food and junk food but I do eat healthy meals quite a few times a week. I feel like some of my bad eating habits will probably affect my health in middle to late adulthood but I would like to improve my eating habits.  I think if I find healthier alternatives to some of the bad foods I eat it will help improve my health as I get older. I exercise 1-3 times a week but would like to exercise more. I am very consistent with my doctor and dentist visits. I have an Autoimmune disease so I’ve often had problems with my health and  I’ve always made sure to stay on top of my appointments. I think that habit will help me as I get older to make sure I stay healthy. I would say my mental health is pretty good I’m mostly very happy and stress-free. I only tend to become stressed when I have too much to do in little time but I do often work well under pressure. I often procrastinate so I think if I learn to manage my time better I might be able to eliminate some of my stress.  That’s why leisure activities are important to me because after I’ve had a long work week I like to have time to relax or hang out with friends and family. I would say my current circumstances are okay for my age. In the future, I would like to improve my living circumstances so I can have room to grow. I think it’s pretty critical for me to get into some better habits so I can start to improve my health so I won’t have health issues later due to my bad eating habits. I also think if I try to learn ways to better deal with stress now I won’t have such a hard time in the future.

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