Development and meaning of play

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Present what you have learned as a result of investing your time in this course. Use the following process to guide your thinking as you prepare your presentation.

  • Reflect; think back on ‘aha’ moments of the semester.
    • Review reading, discussions, assignments, and Play and Reflect journal entries in each module.
    • Reflect on both previous and current knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. How have your views of play expanded and changed as a result of what you have learned?
  • Analyze.
    • Examine elements of your learning.
    • Compare; find common threads in the learning as well as relationships between the ways you learned and the learning itself.
    • What else do you want to learn about play? What are your future learning goals related to the topic?
  • Connect your learning to your real-life.
    • How has or will your learning here contributed to the quality of your life and the lives of those whom you are privileged to influence? ( i have two daughters 6months and 11years, i work at a juvenile detention facility if this helps)
    • Consider how you’d complete the statement, “I used to be or think…, and now I…”
  • Summarize.
    • Show evidence that you have met course learning outcomes.
    • Demonstrate how you have or will apply newly developed knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
  • Present: document and make a case that you have learned, not by a recitation of facts, but in a well considered, convincing, and creatively prepared presentation that can be read, viewed, or otherwise digested within a 5-10 minute time-span and follows criteria outlined in the Learning Presentation Rubric.
  • Attach your presentation within the discussion forum.

Note: presentations can be as unique and creative as you are! It’s your learning; present it in a way that shows it off!

For specific guidelines on how your presentation will be graded, please review the M8 Final Learning Presentation Rubriclink opens in new window.

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