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The reading resources for this week discuss the “Dark Side of Consumption” identify and briefly explain one specific area of our US marketplace that is wrought with trouble. Briefly explain how or who should rectify the issues of this “dark area”. Please embed an example that demonstrates the topic this week “The Dark Side of CB”. For example, you could embed an article tagline, advertisement or cartoon that supports the main issue in our marketplace that you would like to shed light upon. This is the format and like content to post:

TOPIC 1: Concept- Lemon Laws are uneven among the 50 states.

Image result for used car dealers selling lemons

Lemon laws are uneven in many states. While some states are progressive (New York and California) there are other states and Territories that have no Lemon Law at all when it comes to automobile sales (ex. Puerto Rico). (Lingo, 2017). Even though the purchase of an automobile is only second in financial cost to buying a home (Dousdorf 2016), there are some states that do not offer any protections when it comes to this type of purchase.(Lingo, 2017) To rectify this, marketers in states with no Lemon Laws should differentiate themselves by self-regulation. They should discern their business from competitors by advertising testimonies from previous customers who have had issues and this specific dealership has been there to rectify the situation.


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