Culture and Life

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Part 1

1: Based on what you read in Unit 1: Module 1(attacthed file), in a few sentences define text, context, and subtext in relation to each other and their importance to the humanities.

2: Pick a song and label it in terms of text, context and subtext. Of course, we can do this with any type of art or historical piece, but for this let’s keep it simple: just choose a song.

Part 2

1. Based on the ancient hieroglyphs shown in the Module, what can you infer was important to their cultures?

2. Based on the emoji’s on your phone, what can you tell is important to our culture?

3. What are the similarities and the differences between our use of symbols for words and those of the ancient world?

4. Explain how ancient hieroglyphs are considered more complex than “just a picture” or symbol. 

5. Explain how modern emoji’s are increasingly becoming more complex.  (think big, media, advertizing, movies, think globally)

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