CU Ability to Take Two Courses FlexPath Prep Plan

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  • Develop a FlexPath preparation plan to help you feel confident and ready to begin your FlexPath program.It’s important to begin any new endeavor feeling confident in your ability to be successful, and knowing the resources and support you can turn to when you need them.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate proficiency in the following course competency and assessment criteria:
    • Competency 1: Demonstrate readiness to begin a FlexPath program. 
      • Discuss potential challenges of being a FlexPath learner and ways to address them.
      • Describe how to use personal skills, knowledge, and reasons for choosing FlexPath to be a successful FlexPath learner.
      • Explain how the resources provided by Capella can assist in being a successful FlexPath learner.
      • Identify topics to discuss with a FlexPath Coach.
    • What’s your plan? The beginning of a degree program is full of excitement as you consider what the future may hold for you. Completing this assessment will help you channel that excitement into a realistic plan to be as prepared as possible for your new role—that of a successful FlexPath learner.Although the preparation and directions listed below are specific to this assessment, the process they lead you through is similar to what you will do in every FlexPath academic course.Preparation
      To prepare for this assessment:

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