critical evaluation

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Purpose: In this assignment, you will write a critical evaluation of the paper, “Knowing
When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In” by Exley et al (2019). You will analyze the paper
and relate it to the experiences of people around you.


  1. Read “Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In”. Also read the Harvard
    Business Review summary of the paper here:
  2. Critically evaluate the paper. This should involve each of the following.
    • In one or two paragraphs, briefly summarize the paper’s primary
    conclusion and the evidence they use to support their hypothesis.
    • Assess whether the paper’s empirical results do and do not support the
    author’s findings. What other potential explanations are there for the
    empirical patterns uncovered by the authors?
    • Assess whether the paper’s empirical results are externally valid. That is,
    to what extent can the empirical results of this paper be extrapolated to
    other settings? Explain your reasoning.


4. Revise your draft.

  • Check: does each paragraph express one clear idea? Do you tell the reader
    what that idea is in a topic sentence?
  • To make sure that your writing is concise and clear, take a word count of
    each paragraph, and then cut 10% of the words.
  • Print your draft and read it out loud to help you identify spots where the
    language or ideas could be clearer.

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