Criminal Justice Ethics law homework help

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Paper Needed:

As discussed in Chapter 98: Criminal Justice Ethics (a week one reading), what are two ethical issues affecting the criminal justice system?

To answer this question you may look at the entire criminal justice system or you may look at one or more of its components (police, courts, or corrections).  Make sure that you use the above reading as your source and follow the directions that are provided for the mini-paper.  Submit your paper as a Word document, not a PDF or any other format.


  • One full page, headed with the student’s name (No cover page)
  • Narrative must be double spaced, with 1 inch margins, in #12 font type.
  • References from any supportive resource materials must be cited in the narrative and on a separate Bibliography page using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Mini-Papers are single page reflections on a question or exercise. The paper is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their comprehension of the course material and to apply it to the situation presented. The paper is also an opportunity for the student to demonstrate composition skills. Feedback will be provided for both content and composition. The instructor will create one (1) mini-paper topics/questions.

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