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For this project, you will act as the person in charge of selecting new systems and managed services in your organization. Your project is a request for a new HIT system or to outsource an existing service. In this role, you have been asked to create a full proposal for your project and present it to the Board of Directors (BOD) at the next quarterly advisory board meeting. Consider selecting a current HIT need at your organization for your project.

  1. Create an in-depth PowerPoint presentation on the topic Utilizing Electronic Medical Records.
  2. The presentation should address the following points:
    1. How the selection will be aligned with the organization’s HIT strategy
    2. The selection’s operational effectiveness
    3. The competitive advantages of the recommended solution
    4. Highlights from the development of the Information Technology Business Case
  3. The HIT return on investment should also be included in your presentation. Refer to Exhibit 13.5 in the textbook.
  4. Your PowerPoint presentation should:
    1. Include the title “HIT System Selection Project.”
    2. Have approximately 15 to 20 slides in addition to one slide for your introduction and one slide at the end for your references.
  5. In addition to text, you should use images to help explain your concepts.
  6. Be sure to document your sources, including images, in APA format.

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