Court Docket Reference

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The material that is filed by any party on a case is collected in a court docket. Any items of action on a particular case are maintained on a docket sheet. Sometimes the docket can be used to refer to the schedule of court hearings and can serve as the deciding factor for judges when a case is brought to court. The docket can serve as a reference to the historical actions in a case, so it must be accurate and detailed so that decisions can be made that can impact real people waiting to be brought to court.

Here is your challenge. The American Criminal Court System can be a very complex system to navigate. With all of the misconceptions in the media and on TV, it makes it even more difficult to know really how they work. How would you explain the court system to an individual without any formal background or knowledge about it? You are going to serve as clerk of the court and create a docket that summarizes different elements of the courts that could be used as a reference manual. Each week you will be assigned a task that you can work on individually or with someone that answers the weekly court call.


  1. Review the information that was given to you at the onset of the first class in Module 1 (Posted above). At this stage, the initial directions for compiling your data should hold much more meaning for you.
  2. By looking at your Court Docket, we should be able to answer the question, “What is a Court?”
  3. Incorporate any useful advice provided in the Module 5 peer review activity.
  4. Create a Table of Contents indicating where to find the weekly submissions that includes page numbers.
  5. You can design a cover page for your Court Docket. You can be as creative as you would like to be for this final project.
  6. Finalize your Court Docket Reference Manual, remembering to concentrate on the realistic elements of the courts.
  7. Included on the last page, a final reflection that explains why you believe your Court Docket best answers the question, “What is a Court?” Identify two key understandings of the courts that you leave the class with today.


  1. Post your Court Dockets to the Discussion Board by the end of week 5 of class. You can continue to make edits to it but this is what your peers will judge you on.
  2. Now, put your judging hat on. Place your verdict as to which court docket reference manual could really be used to clarify misconceptions about the American Criminal Court System. It is your chance to act in the capacity of a presiding judge, examining the reference manuals of your peers ,with an eye on which manual represents best answers the question “What is a Court?”
  3. Choose your top 1 by placing $$$ in their forum. Choose a second place by awarding them $$, and third place by awarding them $. Provide rationale why you judged them the way you did in their thread. Let us know why you think their docket could be used to clarify misconceptions about the Criminal Court System

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