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  1. How does officer assessment of client needs in education, employment, treatment, etc. help develop a program plan? How much should a client be expected to do while under supervision?
  2. Discuss the use of various risk prediction scales. How might risk assessment best be used in community supervision?
  3. Discuss the concept of caseload and workload computation. Why might workload be a better method of allocating probation or parole officer resources?
  4. How does intensive supervision differ from regular probation or parole supervision?
  5. Is a therapeutic community more or less effective for achieving sobriety than a drug court? Why?
  6. What are the issues concerning the treatment of offenders with mental illness?
  7. What specific strategies are most effective for working with sex offenders in a community?
  8. Does community notification of sex offenders increase public safety? Why or why not?
  9. Is requiring sex offenders to register good public policy? Why or why not?

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