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I have the ongoing prompt :

The U.S. Constitution: If you were writing a Constitution for the United States today, what would be some of the major ideas you would like that Constitution to reflect?What is important is not which option you choose, but why you chose that option. Again, keep in mind that I am primarily interested in the integration of assigned course materials. You may also refer to contemporary media sources should you wish to do so.

a. Would you like the government set up by the Constitution to allow for majority rule on all issues, or would you rather allow minorities power to slow or even stop majority rule? Why?

b. Would you like a system that works rather rapidly to make and implement decisions, or would you like a system that works fairly slowly? Why?

c. Would you like a central government with great powers, state governments with great powers, or something in‑between? Why?

d. Would you like the power of the national government concentrated in one branch, such as in a parliamentary system, or diffused through two or more branches? Why?

e. How is the Constitution you have created similar or different from the U.S. Constitution? Have you always chosen the most democratic options (remember, the Founders of the U.S. Constitution often did not)? If not, what other values enter into the decision to choose the least democratic option? Were these the values that affected the decisions of the Founders of the U.S. Constitution?

I have answered 2 of them but I need someone who is familiar in the U.S politics and Constitution to answer the other questions


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