complete the following 10

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Review the comments of your instructor and your peer in Week 4 of the Discussion Board section. Then, complete the following:

  1. Make revisions to your draft based on their suggestions.
  2. Add a description of your recommendations for changes to the training design and development process.
  3. Update at least 1 of the training courses, applying course theories.

You must include a minimum of 8 scholarly references.

Instructor Comments Below:

Opportunities for improvement: Consider reducing the amount of text on the slides to key points to allow for a larger font. The assignment required an evaluation of 3 courses. Include answers to the following questions for each course, you can put information in the note pages. Are adult learning theories evident in the course design? Does the course have clear and measurable training objectives and learning outcomes? Is there alignment of the course objectives with organizational strategic goals and objectives? Describe the training delivery methods. Are they varied and appropriate to the course topics? Does the course incorporate varied learning styles in the design? What level of evaluation is used to measure the effectiveness of the training?

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