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PLEASE number your answers to each of the following questions:

Review the following youtube video:  Introduction to Blooms Taxonomy:

1.  Share your thoughts (be specific).

2.  Based on your prior discussion board posts, where do you feel the majority of your posts fall on the taxonomy?

3.  How will you used the Blooms Taxonomy to improve your scores on future discussion board posts? (Be very specific and refer to the video).

4.  Do a search for another youtube video on Blooms Taxonomy.  Post the link to this video and tell what you liked about it.

Below  is  my prior  discussion  board post so you can complete  question #2 :

A G-E Correlation in full means Gene-Environment Correlation. G-E Correlation denotes a relation wherein exposure to environmental conditions correlates with the genotype of an individual (Fabes & Martin, 2009, p.74) Gene-environment correlation is a relation of two attributes such as weight and height which would imply once one changes so do the other. There are three kinds of gene-environment correlation, namely evocative, passive, and active. Active gene-environment correlation is a kind of relationship wherein a person’s genetic composition might guide them to choose a specific environment.  A good case of active gene-environment correlation is whereby a shy individual is probable to pick a quiet activity and less overexcited environment than an extroverted individual. He or she might be more probable to spend much time at the library than at night out party.

On the other hand, Gene-Environment Interaction is a situation when two diverse genotypes react to environmental changes in diverse ways (Fabes & Martin, 2009, p.74). It is a state wherein environmental aspects influence different persons differently based on genotype and wherein genetic elements to have a differential effect based on environmental attributes. An excellent example of G-E Interaction is about Asthma and Air pollution. Two genes are recognized to decontaminate exposures that trigger oxidative stress like air pollution. The GST gene and EPXX1 genes both contain variants linked with an augmented threat of developing asthma, particularly if an individual is exposed to air pollution.


Fabes, R. & Martin, C. (2009). Discovering Child Development 2nd edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon

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