complete 3 political science tasks

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1: Choose the correct answer


Which of the following is the most accurate regarding left-wing terrorism?

As of the 1990s, they were the primary face of terrorism across the globe.

They all went into decline after failing to achieve their goals.

They dominated the terrorist landscape through most of the twentieth century.

They were universally inspired by the form of Marxism developed by Lenin.

5 points


How did the end of the Cold War affect modern terrorist organizations?

Many turned toward the use of violence to support the ethnic or religious communities from which they came.

The collapse of the Soviet Union caused them to loose faith in their utopian socialist ideals, which they replaced with globalization.

The loss of their superpower patrons tightened the restraints on their activities to a loss of financial and material support.

They began to foster a variety of political ideologies once the superpowers no longer prevented them from political activities.

5 points


Which group of left wing terrorists is responsible for the assassination of a US President?

The Black Panther Party

The First Anarchists

The Symbionese Liberation Army

The Weather Underground

5 points


During what time period did we see the emergence of terrorism in support of the anti-colonial movement?





5 points


What offensive goal does violence serve for religiously motivated terrorists?

To bring about the end of the world

To preserve their religious rights

To protect their faith against modern culture

To shape society in their own image

5 points


Which of the following provides religiously motivated terrorists with a decentralized network of support?

Their belief in a ‘higher law’ – i.e., the demands of god – authorizes them to disregard the legitimacy of civil authority and secular values.

Their disconnection from the societies they are trying to replace means they have very little restraints on the means they use to achieve their goals.

They are motivated by a religious interpretation that is intended to appeal to people from many different segments of society.

They fully embrace a zero-sum struggle in which all nonbelievers are legitimate targets of violence.

5 points


Which ideological wave represents the most growing terrorist threat in the United States since the 1990s?

Left wing terrorism

Right wing terrorism

Single issue terrorism

State sponsored terrorism

5 points


Which group represents the smallest number of people?





5 points


According Crenshaw’s stages leading to terrorism, which of the following is a reaction to trigger events?



Group formation

Nonviolent protest

5 points


Which of the following is a characteristic of states that sponsor terrorism over long periods of time?

A repressive system of governance

A tendency to accept blame for its own domestic problems

Ambitious goals restricted to domestic politics

Framing internal actors as state enemies

5 points


What is the term used to describe areas within an otherwise secure state where terrorists are able to take advantage of the state’s inability to exercise effective control?

Brown areas

Failed areas

Host areas

Involuntary areas

5 points


What type of terrorist organizations did the regime of Saddam Hussein support prior to its overthrow?

Those devoted to fighting Soviets in Afghanistan

Those devoted to Islamic revolution

Those devoted to the liberation of Palestine

Those devoted to Wahhabi ideologies

5 points


Which of the five pillars of Islam have militant radical Muslims in Saudi Arabia taken advantage of in order to acquire funding?





5 points


Which type of factors leads states to withdraw their sponsorship of terrorism?

External and domestic

Military reprisals

National elections

Prolonged economic sanctions

5 points


Which of the following has been successfully used in a terrorist attack?

Botulinum toxin

Dirty bombs

Nuclear weapons

Sarin gas

5 points


Which of the following is an example of a chemical weapon?





5 points


Which of the following is one of Cronin’s explanations for how terrorist groups come to an end?

It transitions from a legitimate political organization to a politically violent belligerent.

The group is unable to achieve its goals for so long that it eventually resigns its fight.

The leader is captured or killed, which is especially detrimental to decentralized organizations.

The organization successfully transitions from one generation to the next.

5 points


Which of the following is the least likely source of funding for a terrorist organization?

Terrorists becoming involved in criminal activities

Terrorists benefitting from the support of a state sponsor

Terrorists operating their own legitimate businesses

Terrorists receiving donations from private organizations

5 points


What is the most likely way that a terrorist organization motivated by social justice would come to finance its operations through the illegal drug trade?

It would incorporate the use of narcotics into its ideas of what a just society should look like.

It would view its activities as a form of attack against narco-trafficking organizations that do not share its ideology of social justice.

It would view its members’ use of illegal drugs as a legitimate means for escaping the reality of social injustice.

It would view the illegal drug trade as a necessary evil in the short run in order to achieve its social goals in the long run.

5 points


Which of the following is the most common and lucrative way for a terrorist organization to acquire financial support?

Acquiring a state sponsor for its activities

Becoming involved in criminal activities

Funneling funding through legitimate charities

Raising funds through the sale of memorabilia


Understanding Terrorism

Paper Two

In Paper One (attached to reference), you described the origins and history of your selected terror organization/terrorist. For Paper Two, you will continue your research of your selection using the concepts learned:

1. Goals, Targets, Tactics

2. Organizational Structure and Financing

Select TWO more articles on your selected group/individual (from Paper One) and read them thoroughly. Use the Grantham Library and EBSCO to assist. Stick to Journals and avoid relying on the Washington Post and NY Times.

In a well-written paper, describe in detail (and supported by research) the Political Goals, Preferred Targets, and Preferred Tactics used by your selected terror organization/individual. What is unique about these? How do these exploit vulnerabilities in international or domestic society?

Next, describe in detail (and support with research) the Organizational Structure and how they are Resourced/Financed. Carrying out attacks requires people and money, at a minimum.

Finally, end your paper with analysis of these common threads: how can U.S. counter terrorism experts defend against these common threads? What do you conclude about the threat of this organization or individual?

Your submission will be a minimum of 2 pages and not to exceed 4 pages, excluding the Title Page and Reference Page. You will use APA Standard Format (1″ Margins, Times New Roman, 12-point Font, and Double Spacing. No extra space between paragraphs). There will now be at least FIVE (three from Paper One and two for Paper Two) scholarly references in addition to the Textbook (that means at least SIX references


In a 500-750 word essay, discuss two different types of IRBs and their application in different organizations. How are they different and how are they alike? How much importance should each organization place in IRBs?

Your essay should strictly follow APA formatting, citation, and style guidelines.

View your assignment rubric.

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