Compare and Contrast Two Artwork

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MLA style 3 page essay on comparing and contrasting “Mihrab: Payer Niche” and “Wall of Torah Niche”

In the essay talk about the following:

• What attracted you to this artwork?

• How your experience of the actual work of art differed from that of the reproduction you`ve seen in class.

• What you perceive the content of the artwork to be (discuss in your words, what this work is about)

• What means or techniques the artist chose to express that content

• Use of scale—how large is it?

• How does the size affect viewers’ perception?

• What is the subject matter of the work?

• How it is carved or painted

• Composition: How is it organized to convey its maker’s idea?

• How colors and type of shapes are used

• How do light and shadow affect the way the artwork looks?

• Why the artist might have chosen those means to convey the content in question.

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