Chinese Immigration into America Paper

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Using the topic of the immigration history of Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project to write an essay.

Please follow the instruction below to write the paper. Please do not use very advanced and professional words in the paper in order to correspond to my writing and English level. Minimum of 1250 words. MLA preferred. Very important – Plagiarism is not acceptable. Please make sure citing the sources properly. Thanks


utilize and cite at least 5 relevant academic source(primary sources, readings, articles, research, films, etc.)

Explanation and Analysis:

Articulate the meaning and significance of the topic and research.

– What/Where was the problem/issue?

– What socio-historical factors contributed to this problem?

– What were the effects of this problem? Who did/does the problem affect?


Connect the topic and research to larger class themes, such as race, power, immigration, citizenship, etc.

– How and why is this significant to our understanding of Chinese Americans in the United States.

– How does the topic influence, shape, and contrast Chinese American identities and histories?

– How does the topic relate to life, politics, culture, and communities todays?

I have some sources here that may be useful for you. You can use those or something else. Those are just suggested ones:

Rise of Industrial America, 1876-1900: Chinese Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900 (Library of Congress)…

Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project (Stanford University)…

Anti-Chinese Movement and Chinese Exclusion (Bancroft Library – Berkeley)…

Guide to the Chinese in California Virtual Collection

“Sierra Nevada Geotourism.” First Transcontinental Railroad-Colfax (No. 780-5 California Historical Landmark) – Sierra Nevada Geotourism MapGuide,…

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