Chemical reaction

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 JIK 223- Assignment 1



  1. A chemical reaction takes place in a container of cross-sectional area 50.0 cm2. As a result of the reaction, a piston is pushed out through 15 cm against an external pressure of 121 kPa. Calculate the work done by the system.


  1. Consider a gas mixture in a 2.00 dm3 flask at 27.0 °C. For each of the following mixtures, calculate the partial pressure of each gas, the total pressure, and the composition of the mixture in mole percent:

a.       1.00 g H2 and 1.00 g O2

b.      1.00 g N2 and 1.00 g O2

c.       1.00g CH4 and 1.00 g NH3

  1. If an industrial process, nitrogen is heated to 500 K in a vessel of constant volume. If it enters the vessel at 100 atm and 300 K, what pressure would it exert at the working temperature if it behaved as a perfect gas?


  1. Calculate the work done when 50 g of iron reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce FeCl2(aq) and hydrogen in a) a closed vessel of fixed volume and b) an open beaker at 25 °C.


  1. A sample of propane (C3H8) is placed in a closed vessel together with an amount of O2 that is 3 times the amount needed to completely oxidized the propane to CO2 and H2O at constant temperature. Calculate the mole fraction of each component in the resulting mixture after oxidation. Assume that the H2O is present as a gas.                      



  1. A refrigerator operates in a cyclic and reversible manner between 0 °C and 27 °C. Calculate


    1. work done to freez 1 L of water


    1.             coefficient of performance, given that the heat of fusion of water is 334.72 Jg-1.


  1. A gas obey the equation of state P(V-b) = RT where b is a constant. For this gas, sketch


                               a.            plot of V versus T at constant P


                              b.            plot of P versus V at constant T


                               c.            plot of P versus T at constant V                                

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