CCMH 565 UOP Social Science Theoretical Approaches to Family Therapy Case Study

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 complete the following tasks:

Read the Case Study: Jameson Family, Session 1.

Write a paper in which you apply a theoretical approach to the Jameson family. Address each prompt below with thorough and logical responses.

  • Select a theory from the Week 2 readings that most aligns with your desired approach to family therapy.

Describe how you would apply your chosen theory to address the counseling needs of the Jameson family.

  • Describe specific techniques, assessments, or interventions associated with your chosen theory that you would use to address the family’s concerns.

Provide examples of how these techniques, assessments, or interventions could result in a positive outcome.

Describe the advantages and limitations you may encounter when using this approach with the Jameson family.

Incorporate research from current, scholarly references to support your thinking.

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