Causes of Rape in Women Paper

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Instructions: Complete one of the following projects. Read and view the assigned material, then write your essay. The essay you submit should be 1000-1500 words (Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 pt font, double space, standard margins, APA or ASA format), and must incorporate specific references to relevant concepts and theories from Thinking About Women. Please organize your essay into paragraphs and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.Don’t forget to include in-text citations and create a references page to cite all your sources.

Evaluation Criteria: Projects will be evaluated using the following criteria: Following directions and completeness (25%); incorporation of relevant concepts and theories (25%); critical thought (25%); grammar, spelling, and punctuation (25%).

Option1: Rape is a very serious and seriously underreported crime. The purpose of the project is to estimate the prevalence of reported rape in the US, and examine the social factors that perpetuate rape culture, while simultaneously ensuring that rapes remain underreported and unprosecuted.

This is provided on a PDF file: Read chapter 9 in Thinking About Women
This is provided on a PDF file: Use the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer to examine rape rates in the United States.…

o From the home page, go to “Explorer,” located at the top right of the screen.
o From the Explorer page, select “Crime” from the left menu.
o For location, select “Texas,” and you want the most current data, so select 2020. o Now scroll down to the trend chart and create a chart that depicts “Trend of Rape from 2010 to 2020.” You’ll use this chart to write your essay.

o Next scroll down to the NIBRS details below. Select “Rape” in 2020.
o Keep scrolling down to find lots of interesting information to use in your report.

This is provided on a PDF file: Read this article on rape culture: rape-culture

Write a 1000-1500 word essay answering the following questions:

  • Drawing from Thinking About Women, what are the causes of rape?
  • According to Thinking About Women, why are female victims viewed as less credible bylaw enforcement, judges, and juries? How does this affect women’s willingness to reportrape? What can be done to remedy this problem?
  • Summarize the Rate of Rape by Population chart you created using the FBI’s DataExplorer tool.
  • How does the FBI define rape? What is meant by “legacy rape” and “revised rape”? Besure you describe the recent definition change. You can locate this information on the FBI’s website (provided above).
  • How did the new definition affect rape rates? Explain why there will be a different number of rapes counted in the Uniform Crime Statistics. Did this affect the prevalence of counted rapes that victimize women? Men? Explain.
  • Summarize offender vs. victim demographics, including age, sex, rage, and ethnicity.
  • According to the data, what is the most common relationship between victim andoffender? Does this align with the material you read in the textbook? Explain.
  • According to the assigned Everyday Feminism article, what is rape culture? Giveexamples of rape culture. How is rape culture perpetuated in society? How can it be stopped?

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