Young Professionals Program under the World Bank Paper

This is a brief paper, approximately 6 pages double-spaced, that examines an international institution. You will focus on a specific initiative or policy from that institution and analyze what the formulation of that program or policy can tell you about the institution, it’s politics, priorities, place in the global system, and relationship to development. How broad or specific this initiative is will depend on the institution. The goal is to assess how the institution conceptualizes and potentially implements solutions, and what potential outcomes might be, both positive and negative. Sources can be limited to government reports and websites that post policy, but other academic research and analysis articles can be used at well

Demonstrate your knowledge of and interaction with the assigned readings.  

complete questions

PLEASE number your answers to each of the following questions:

Review the following youtube video:  Introduction to Blooms Taxonomy:

1.  Share your thoughts (be specific).

2.  Based on your prior discussion board posts, where do you feel the majority of your posts fall on the taxonomy?

3.  How will you used the Blooms Taxonomy to improve your scores on future discussion board posts? (Be very specific and refer to the video).

4.  Do a search for another youtube video on Blooms Taxonomy.  Post the link to this video and tell what you liked about it.

Below  is  my prior  discussion  board post so you can complete  question #2 :

A G-E Correlation in full means Gene-Environment Correlation. G-E Correlation denotes a relation wherein exposure to environmental conditions correlates with the genotype of an individual (Fabes & Martin, 2009, p.74) Gene-environment correlation is a relation of two attributes such as weight and height which would imply once one changes so do the other. There are three kinds of gene-environment correlation, namely evocative, passive, and active. Active gene-environment correlation is a kind of relationship wherein a person’s genetic composition might guide them to choose a specific environment.  A good case of active gene-environment correlation is whereby a shy individual is probable to pick a quiet activity and less overexcited environment than an extroverted individual. He or she might be more probable to spend much time at the library than at night out party.

On the other hand, Gene-Environment Interaction is a situation when two diverse genotypes react to environmental changes in diverse ways (Fabes & Martin, 2009, p.74). It is a state wherein environmental aspects influence different persons differently based on genotype and wherein genetic elements to have a differential effect based on environmental attributes. An excellent example of G-E Interaction is about Asthma and Air pollution. Two genes are recognized to decontaminate exposures that trigger oxidative stress like air pollution. The GST gene and EPXX1 genes both contain variants linked with an augmented threat of developing asthma, particularly if an individual is exposed to air pollution.


Fabes, R. & Martin, C. (2009). Discovering Child Development 2nd edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon

Read case study and write a reflection.

Read Case Study #4 on page 363-364 (2nd edition) in your textbook. If you have the 3rd edition, the page numbers may vary.  I’ve attached a copy for your reference. Reflection #3 Case Study.pdf Review the questions that follow the case study and write a reflection.

Does Preston use antisocial humor because he lacks social skills and cannot see that he is hurting others’ feelings? Or, does he not care if he hurts others? How will his aggression affect his academic achievement and his social standing with his peers? What can his teacher do to help him?

PSCI 2305 US Political Behavior and Policy Discussion

Critical Reflection: Elections

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You watched the “Gerrymandering Explained” video.  States used to use (and arguably still do use) gerrymandering to limit the electoral power of minority groups, but the Supreme Court has said that is very much unconstitutional.  However, the ability of states to gerrymander for partisan purposes is largely (though not completely) unchecked.  Should it be?  Should, for example, the Republican majority in the Texas legislature be allowed to draw district lines to advantage the Republican Party and create districts where Democratic candidates have no hope of winning?  If political gerrymandering should be eliminated, what is the alternative?  How should we draw district lines?

A satisfactory critical reflection will

  • Include at least six complete sentences that are relevant to the question posed
  • Contain no more than 3 grammatical or spelling errors (demonstrating the core objective of communication)
  • Provide a cohesive and coherent response to the question posed
  • Provide a citation to a specific page of the webtext or external source (webpage, article, etc.) that informs your response

A critical reflection either is satisfactory or it is not.  If you receive an unsatisfactory for a critical reflection, you can use a token to resubmit the reflection before the end of the semester (11:59 PM on Friday, January 13).  You can use two tokens to receive a satisfactory score for one critical reflection that is not completed at all.

Critical Reflection: Public Policy

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Imagine you are an advisor to the president, and the economy has suddenly tanked.  The president has two options:   (1) he can try to stimulate the economy by getting ordinary citizens to spend, specifically by sending everyone a check for $1000 OR (2) he can try to stimulate the economy by getting major corporations to hire more employees by offering them a $20,000 tax credit for each new employee they hire.  Which policy would you suggest he adopt and why?

Troy University Song and Social Change Paper

Song and Social Change Paper and Presentation (Paper is 20%; Presentation is 10%)

Draft Paper is due on Turnitin by Friday, February 2/14 before Midnight

Final Paper is due by Turnitin by Friday, Sunday 3/1, before midnight 

In this this 8-10 page double-spaced paper, you should discuss a popular protest song in American history.  The paper should answer the following six questions: 1) Who wrote and recorded the song (i.e., provide a brief biography)?; 2) Is there any information about why the songwriter wrote the song (or if the performer is not the songwriter – why s/he wanted to sing the song?); 3) Was the song a popular hit (i.e., what rank and year if it hit Billboard 100) and/or was it on a popular album (i.e., what rank and year if it hit Billboard 200 Chart)?; 4)What was the social/political/cultural context for when the song emerged?; 5) Which movements for social change does the song most closely represent?; and 6) What large changes were happening in technology that may have affected the way the song was disseminated?

In journalistic, narrative style similar to Lynskey’s reading on Billie Holiday, you will need to answer these questions.  If you need to write more than 10 pages, please feel free to do that.  However, make sure that your writing is well-organized and well-written (i.e., free of typos).  You should have a separate cover page and reference page with at least four references.   You do not have use scholarly sources if you cannot find any for your particular song.  You can use popular press articles, online articles, websites dedicated to protest songs, etc.. Please do not use Wikipedia.  However, you are allowed to find other sources that are referenced in a Wikipedia article about your song or social movement. I would prefer it if your paper used some scholarly sources (i.e., books or journal articles). Also, one of your sources can be video or audio based (e.g., documentary film or some type of news program like 60 Minutes, an NPR story) on your social movement.

In terms of how the paper is graded, answering each question fully will be worth 10 points = 60 points, 25 points for quality of writing (i.e., readability, grammar, spelling, organization, and length), 15 points for references (in text references and reference page following ASA format).

I am posting a comprehensive guide to ASA formatting for you to follow.  One issue I do want you to keep mind is to keep quotes to a minimum.  This paper should be mostly in your own words. Also, you must have a basic cover page and reference page.  Please note that these pages do not count for your total page count. And I would ask that you insert page numbers in your document (on the lower right hand side).

You should submit by Turnitin a 4-5 page draft of the paper before midnight on Friday, Feb. 14th.   The draft should touch on answers from the six questions.   Therefore, you should have done all your research that will cover the six questions by mid-February. If you have the whole paper done by then, I will certainly review whatever you submit.  The student presentations will begin on Monday, March 2nd and will continue on Wednesday, March 4th as well as March 6th on Canvas.  The final paper will be due before midnight through Turnitin on Sunday, March 1st.  Regarding late work for either the draft or the final paper, I will accept it, but please note that it will be marked a letter grade down for each class day it is late. The draft paper will be counted like a quiz grade.

In terms of the final presentation, you should quickly run through the answers to the six main questions outlined in your paper.  However, you should just touch on the highlights to these answers as the presentation should not run more than 15 minutes. I would like you to have a handout with the printed lyrics of the song and play the song (either through a CD or a YouTube clip of the song).  The presentation should include at least seven slides of a PowerPoint Presentation, 1 slide to introduce yourself and the song and approximately 1 slide for each of the 6 questions.  Try and make the PowerPoint engaging (i.e., with interesting pictures and not too many words per side). You should post your presentation to the Discussion Board before you present.

I will go over in class how to search for a protest song, how to determine whether it charted on Billboard (…); AllMusic Guide, and Wikipedia), and searches for scholarly sources on protest songs.

Troy University Social Science Berkeley in the Sixties Discussion

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

Please watch the rest of “Berkeley in the Sixties”. Here is a link to the folder for the film. You can download it and watch it (  If this does not work, you can rent it on Vimeo for $3 –

In 125-250 words, discuss two of the students’ different actions during the Free Speech Movement (FSM) at Berkley. What were the most effective strategies? Also, comparing today to this era, do you think mass student action is still possible in today’s climate? Finally, the film discusses various movements that sprung out of the FSM. What movement captured your attention the most and why?

Anglia Ruskin University Estates, Probates, & Trusts Essay

Week 2 Activity: Estates, Probates, & Trusts (Presentations)

Multimedia Presentation Research Activity. Week 2: Estates, Probates, & Trusts

Students will watch and listen to audio/video presentations on a selected real estate case study topic and learn career experience skills. Students will complete the assignment by responding to prompts and writing out complete answers. DIRECTIONS: Select 3 videos to watch/listen and take notes. Answer the questions below in the text boxes shown below with at least 2 complete sentences each.

Select 3 of the following 6 videos to research and write your assignment. You are welcome to watch all of the videos, and then select your top 3.

1. Topic: Estate Planning

Legal Malpractice/Estate Planning- 18 0687 SARA BAY MARINE INC ETA Lv ROBERT GREENE ESQ by Matthew Weidner (33:24)

2. Topic: Probate Process

What is the Probate Process in California and how do you start a Probate? by Talbot Law Group, P.C. (3:54)

3. Topic: Revocable Trust

What is a Revocable Trust and how is it used in the SF Bay Area? by Talbot Law Group, P.C. (4:37)

4. Topic: Setting up a Trust

Selling Property From a Trust: California Real Estate Law Webinar Replay by Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP – Real Estate Law Firm (1hour, 13 min.)

5. Topic: Estates and Probate

How to Know if an Estate needs to go through the Probate Process in the SF East Bay by Talbot Law Group, P.C. (2:22)

6. Topic: Probate Estate Sold by Administrator

How the Administrator of an Estate sells Real Property in a Probate by Talbot Law Group, P.C. (4:14)

BE CURIOUS! You can research and review the cases below to gain more knowledge about each topic. Check out “case briefing” sites such as the following. Or, you can simply type the case name into the search bar.


Item at position 1

1. Insert title of 1st video presentation you watched. Explain 2 key concepts you learned in this presentation. Minimum of 2 complete sentences.

Item at position 2


2 points

Item at position 2

2. Insert title of 2nd video presentation you watched. Explain 2 key concepts you learned in this presentation. Minimum of 2 complete sentences.

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2. Insert title of 2nd video presentation you watched. Explain 2 key concepts you learned in this presentation. Minimum of 2 complete sentences.

Item at position 3


2 points

Item at position 3

3. Insert title of 3rd video presentation you watched. Explain 2 key concepts you learned in this presentation. Minimum of 2 complete sentences.

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3. Insert title of 3rd video presentation you watched. Explain 2 key concepts you learned in this presentation. Minimum of 2 complete sentences.

Item at position 4


2 points

Item at position 4

Compare 2 Presentations. Explain how 2 or more of the presentations are similar to each other. Write a minimum of 2 complete sentences.

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Compare 2 Presentations. Explain how 2 or more of the presentations are similar to each other. Write a minimum of 2 complete sentences.

Item at position 5


2 points

Item at position 5

Contrast 2 Presentations. Explain how 2 or more of the presentations are different from each other. Write a minimum of 2 complete sentences.

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Contrast 2 Presentations. Explain how 2 or more of the presentations are different from each other. Write a minimum of 2 complete sentences.

ARUCC Social Science Real Estate Book Chapters Discussion Response

Please respond to ateel  


Getting closure with our textbook to read on the next couple chapters. One chapter is about agencies and the listing agreements. The next chapter is the listings package & Breakdown of listing Agreements. 

Key Concept from Chapter 3

First, chapter three is strictly the agency and listing agreements chapter of the book. Broker relations signed listing and the right to a commission was explained throughout these paragraphs. (pp.70-72). The sellers may be held liable for a commission if they refuse buyer’s offer.

Key Concept from Chapter 4

Second, chapter four is more on the listing package & breakdown of listing agreement. As the real estate professional, I must disclose all the forms in the listing packet. The different forms include (AD) Disclosure regarding real estate agency relationship, (PRBS) Possible representation of more than one buyer or seller, (WFA) wire fraud and electronic funds transfer advisory, (RLA) Residential listing agreement, and (SA) seller’s advisory. (p.93) The listing package is known as the basic five forms when taking a listing in real estate. 

Key Concept from Chapter 3 or 4

Third, I learned in chapter four how to be more useful as an agent. When helping with a listing you help the client with market value on property. Determined by sales in an open market will give the client’s exchange value on their real estate property from the agent.


Last, I am now able to understand on how listings process should go. As a agent both you and I have the obligations to perform tasks effectively. Understanding the forms after doing them repeating in a real-life scenario the listing agreement will be second nature. I feel like this is an area worth studying closer on. I do say so myself because I have an upcoming student video due in my BRE-101 real estate practices course.