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Post Journal: Reflection – Case Study & Locus of Control (LOC)

Case Study: Sam is a highly recruited, standout, freshman soccer player for X University. In practice, Sam dominates older, more experienced players on the team with his dribbling, ball striking, and scoring capabilities, often leaving his teammates and coaches in total amazement. Sam has been named a starter by his head coach, and voted captain by the upperclassmen. X University is about to open their season on the road against defending league champions, Y University. As game day approaches, Sam is feeling uneasy, can’t sleep or eat much, and can’t focus on his schoolwork. Game day arrives and Sam plays terribly, leaving him feeling empty and confused.

Having read about motivation and goal-setting, there are several performance-enhancing techniques for goal-attainment. These include relaxation and breathing techniques, mental imagery, concentration and focus, positive self-talk, and confidence building.

What advice would you give to Sam? How can Sam’s arousal levels be managed in order to prevent over-arousal leading to poor performance? Explain what advice you would provide that applies to each technique listed above.

Once you have completed the assessment on Locus of Control, and identified if you had an internal or external LOC, compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of each. How does each one influence the behaviors of individuals? How does your LOC influence your own behaviors? As student-athletes, how do LOC’s influence team dynamics and the ability to work as a unit toward a common goal?

Support your statements with evidence from the readings and your research. Cite and reference your sources in proper APA style.

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