psychology paper 4-5 pages

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In addition to entertaining us many books, films, and television shows offer detailed visual portrayals of a number of psychological disorders. For this assignment you are to choose one book, movie, play, or television series to analyze. Then, after reviewing your notes and readings, you are to identify 3 different terms that are demonstrated in the events or individuals depicted in the book/movie/play/show. Terms can include the disorders, symptoms, therapies, or legal issues. Any bold faced term or topic covered in the textbook may be used.


For each term that you identify you are to:


1.     Describe the relevant scene. (1 full paragraph – 6-8 complete sentences)  

2.     Describe in detail the term that you believe is relevant. Do NOT just give me the definition from the glossary. You are to demonstrate your understanding by describing it in your own words and by providing support for that knowledge. If a quote or paraphrase is used, it must be cited using APA format and be supported by your description.
(1 full paragraph – 6-8 complete sentences)


3.     Discuss how the selected scene illustrates the term you have identified. It is important that you do more than simply state something like “this scene illustrates systematic desensitization.” You must describe exactly how the scene illustrates what you have learned about that topic. (1-2 full paragraphs – 6-8 sentences each)


In addition to the above paragraphs, you are to provide an introduction which includes a brief overview of the plot and introduces the reader to the topics covered. You will also need to include an overall conclusion for your paper. Use headings to set your paper up so that there are three clear sections – one section for each term. Use the sample paper to help guide the set-up of your own paper.


Your typed paper should be 4-5 pages of content, not including the title and reference pages. It must be double spaced, with one inch margins and use a standard font such as Times New Roman (12 point).


For this assignment, you must use and properly cite the textbook. While the text is to be your main source of information, you may use outside resources to help support that content. Regardless of source, you may only directly quote a total of 3 sentences. All other content must be in your own words. Remember that paraphrases must also be cited. You will need to include a reference page which cites the textbook as well as any other sources that were used. All references, quotations, and paraphrases MUST be cited in APA format.

When writing your paper, do NOT summarize the entire book/film/show. Only the relevant scenes should be described. Please double check your paper for spelling and grammar errors. Part of your grade will depend on spelling, grammar, and the clarity of your writing.




General Paper/Paragraph Layout – Use the sample paper for more detail and specific formatting.




1 paragraph


Section Header


Term #1 (scene description) – 1 paragraph


Term#1 (term explanation) – 1 paragraph


Term #1 (discussion section) – 1-2 paragraphs



Section Header


Term #2 (scene description) – 1 paragraph


Term#2 (term explanation) – 1 paragraph


Term #2 (discussion section) – 1-2 paragraphs



Section Header


Term #3 (scene description) – 1 paragraph


Term#3 (term explanation) – 1 paragraph


Term #3 (discussion section) – 1-2 paragraphs





1 paragraph

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