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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper (the title page and reference do not count in the total paper word count) in which you use the creative process to solve a problem with which you have experience. Include the following:


·         Describe each stage in the creative process using Ch. 5 of your text.


·         Search for a personal challenge. Explain how you used the techniques to develop curiosity in your search (see Ch. 6).


·         Express the problem created by this personal challenge (see Ch. 7). Refine your expression of the problem by considering multiple perspectives and deciding which expression is best. Include both the initial and the refined version. Justify your revision.


·         Investigate the problem by obtaining necessary information (see Ch. 8). List the questions must answer to understand the problem. Identify a source of information to answer each question.


·         Conclude your investigation with a thorough explanation of the problem, including answers to each of the questions you identified.  


·         Produce ideas toward solution of this problem (see Ch. 9). List all of your ideas—whether they are ridiculous or serious is not important.

·         Discuss the two ideas that you think are the most imaginative, original, and positive potential solutions to the problem.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines including a cover page and a reference page.

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