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This is an arguement paper,5-7 pages.


Your grade will be determined by two factors.


a. Content: Your faithful application of the strategy for writing dialectical arguments. Your


grader will be looking for every step to be well represented. Moreover, these tasks


should be pursued in the spirit of open-mindedness, honesty, and integrity.


b. Form: The clarity of the essay matters. This assessment includes grammar and spelling.


The 8-Step Dialectical Form:


1. An introduction to the problem that seems to divide her and her “opponent”.


2. A demonstration that the opponent’s position is understood (done with a fair, generous, and


neutral representation of that position).


3. A statement of the contexts in which the opponent’s position may be valid or correct. (Note,


this does not mean explaining the position away.)


4. A statement of the writer’s initial position.


5. An explanation of the contexts in which the writer’s position is valid or correct.


6. An articulation of those things that the writer and opponent share (assumptions,


experiences, perceptions, insights, values, principles.


7. Moving forward. An explanation of the way in which, because of considering the opponents


position and the writer’s initial position, the writer’s original position has been changed. (This


may include understanding that the opponent’s position may compliment the writer’s, or that


the opponent’s position offers a way to correct the writer’s initial position. It may even


include ways in which the writer’s original position was correct in ways the writer did not


understand or see, or it may include ways in which the opponent’s original position can


benefit from the writer’s.)


 8. An explanation of areas of further (mutual) discussion, exploration, and investigation.



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