BSU Principles of Sociology Perspective Phenomena Abortion & Privilege Case Study

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Facilitate your sociological knowledge and application of concepts and 2) prepare you for employment by developing/refining your career interests and document skills desired by employers. 3) relevant factors in the case, 4) implications for the understanding the case, and 5) possible strategies to address needs and/or make enhancements illuminated in the case. 6) describe the case/phenomena you are considering from a sociological perspective, 7) apply at least three sociological concepts to help us see the situation from a sociological perspective, and 8) recommend strategies to address needs illuminated in analysis…etc.

4-6 page paper, APA style. Women are still having to fight for abortion rights. I am Pro-choice and it is still a high debate on abortion being taken away, what affects it could have, how dangerous it is to take abortion away, etc.

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