biology short writing assignment on cells

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Please see attached document and follow all of the guidelines. Thank you!

  1. Biology 196 Writing Assignment #1 PROMPT

Students are expected to produce writing that contains clear and understandable sentences, correct grammar, correct spelling, and accurate punctuation. Assignments will be evaluated on the quality of the writing as well as evaluated on the scientific content.

In current research, viruses are not considered “living”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? In your 1-page paper, you should include the following about cells:

• Current cell theory description;

• Primary differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes;

• Contrast and define the words “structure” vs. “function” in regards to the cell structural components (Hint: This should be a dictionary paraphrase of the terms, structure and function, in relationship to biology so you can lead into the next section.);

• Description of structure and function of TWO organelles within cells. Exclusive list of organelles to use: o Nucleus

o Ribosome
o RoughEndoplasmicReticulum o SmoothEndoplasmicReticulum o GolgiApparatus
o Mitochondria
o Chloroplast
o Cytoskeleton
o Lysosomes
o Vacuoles
o CellWall
o CellMembrane

• Conclusion sentence about cells and viruses.

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