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Refer to the videos with references.  The videos are by SKF and the referenced video is noted with the question.


The discribtion is in the attached file 



127 HW Bearing 1 Name: __________________________

Refer to the videos with references posted on Moodle. The videos are by SKF and the referenced video is noted with the question.

See Moodle for reference youtube link or it is listed at the end of this document. 10 points

Video V1 starts the process with “Introduction to rolling bearings”. The video number is noted after the question

1. List three different types of bearings and one of these specific bearing’s properties. V1

2. What is the oil film thickness mentioned in the video? V1

3. What is the most common material and it properties used for bearings? V1

4. What are the 3 seal configurations for deep groove bearings and their lubrication concept? V2

5. How is a puller used on a deep groove outer race to minimize bearing damage? V2

6. What is the maximum recommended heat for a bearing when using an induction heater and what technique should be continued when the bearing is slid onto the shaft? V2

7. What are 2 types of double row self-aligning ball bearings and their mounting methods? V3

8. A special wrench is used to mount the double row ball bearing in video 3. If such a wrench is not available, how many degrees should the mounting nut be tightened to drive the bearing up the tapered adapter?

9. Spherical roller bearings are good for higher static and dynamic loads. Video 4 lists 3 such applications that are: (find answer at ~ 30 second mark)

10. How is a straight bore bearing mounted on a tight fit shaft? V4 & others

11. For a spherical tapered bore bearing to be removed, the video shows a hydraulic system. How does the hydraulic pressure free the bearing? V5 (Note: This system is not typically available since it is expensive and specific to just one shaft size. Sometimes the answer can be to pull and replace the bearing due to force damages on the bearing.)

12. How are feeler gauges used to measure a spherical roller bearing clearance and what are the mounting steps? V5

13. Why should tapered roller bearings be used in pairs and what are the 2 mounting methods? V6

14. Will a CARB bearing accept axial loads and what can these bearings be used for accordingly? V7

15. What are common uses for cylindrical roller bearings? V8

16. What is the guide sleeve’s purpose when mounting a cylindrical roller bearing? V8

17. What 2 mounting methods are shown for the angular contact ball bearings? V9

18. Video 9 shows a puller with a _______________________ to transfer the load off the bearing’s outer race.

19. What loading and speeds can be used for a Y bearing? V10

20. What is the bearing removal process for a simple Y bearing?

Video Bearing Link to Internet

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