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·  Explain if avoidance training would be beneficial or not in regard to the four schedules of reinforcement listed below, and describe why. Include a conclusion on the four schedules of reinforcement regarding variable schedules. (600 word minimum)

Variable interval-

Imagine that you are shaping a chicken to peck at a button to receive a food pellet. You put the chicken on a variable interval schedule. Which means that the chicken will receive the food pellet every 10 seconds. However, the chicken might get its food pellet after the 10 second interval and sometimes it might have to wait a few seconds longer.

Variable ratio-

You are conducting a study on a rat that is on a variable ratio schedule. Which means that the rat will be reinforced every 10 times it pushes the lit up button. However, it is unpredictable and it varies and the rat might have to push the button 15 times in one study and 20 times on the next study. But it averages out to the reinforcement being delivered every 10 times the button is pushed.

Fixed interval-

Joey is a 35 year old man that works full time as a manager at a popular restaurant 5 days a week, him being a manager is stressful at times having to look over everyone’s work to ensure excellent customer service is provided to the customers. Joey enjoys being a manager, but it his finances are overwhelming having to pay bills to get out of debt. Therefore, he looks forward to his paycheck every other Friday at 1pm.

Fixed ratio-

Stacy has a puppy that she wants to train into sitting at the door when it needs to go outside. In order for the puppy to go outside it sits at the door. This schedule is fixed so the puppy has learned to sit at the door to go outside.


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