Automatic thoughts

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Patients are often asked to write their record their negative thoughts as homework for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) session.

  • Explain how difficult this task might be for depressed patients? 
  • Identify your culture and ethnicity (MUST BE HISPANIC, LATINO). Describe how negative thoughts are perceived in your culture.
  • Discuss ways you could increase the likelihood that a depressed patient completes the Automatic Thoughts (See attached) assignment.

at least 500 words ( 2 complete pages of content) formatted and cited in current APA style 7 ed  with support from at least 3 academic sources which need to be journal articles or books from 2019 up to now. NO WEBSITES allowed for reference entry. Include doi, page numbers, etc. Plagiarism must be less than 10%.

When you notice your mood getting worse, ask yourself, “What’s going through my mind right now?” As soon as possible, fill in the table below.

Time Situation Automatic Thoughts (ATs) Emotion/s Adaptive Response Outcome

• What led to the unpleasant
• What distressing physical
sensations did you have?

• What thought/s or image/s went
through your mind?
• How much did you believe the
thought at the time (0-100%)?

• What emotion/s did
you feel at the time?
• How intense was the
emotion (0-100%)?

• Which thinking styles did you
engage in?
• Use questions below to respond
to the automatic thoughts/s.
• How much do you believe each
response (0-100%)?

• How much do you
now believe your
ATs (0-100%)?
• What emotion/s do
you now feel? At
what intensity?

Questions to compose an Adaptive Response: (1) What is the evidence that the automatic thought is true? Not true? (2) Is there an alternative
explanation? (3) What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the best that could happen? What’s the most realistic outcome? (4) If a friend were in
this situation and had this thought, what would I tell him/her?

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