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Young Professionals Program under the World Bank Paper

This is a brief paper, approximately 6 pages double-spaced, that examines an international institution. You will focus on a specific initiative or policy from that institution and analyze what the formulation of that program or policy can tell you about the institution, it’s politics, priorities, place in the global system, and relationship to development. How […]

complete questions

PLEASE number your answers to each of the following questions: Review the following youtube video:  Introduction to Blooms Taxonomy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfp3x_qx5IM 1.  Share your thoughts (be specific). 2.  Based on your prior discussion board posts, where do you feel the majority of your posts fall on the taxonomy? 3.  How will you used the Blooms Taxonomy […]

Read case study and write a reflection.

Read Case Study #4 on page 363-364 (2nd edition) in your textbook. If you have the 3rd edition, the page numbers may vary.  I’ve attached a copy for your reference. Reflection #3 Case Study.pdf Review the questions that follow the case study and write a reflection. Does Preston use antisocial humor because he lacks social […]

PSCI 2305 US Political Behavior and Policy Discussion

Critical Reflection: Elections 3636 unread replies.3636 replies. You watched the “Gerrymandering Explained” video.  States used to use (and arguably still do use) gerrymandering to limit the electoral power of minority groups, but the Supreme Court has said that is very much unconstitutional.  However, the ability of states to gerrymander for partisan purposes is largely (though […]

Troy University Song and Social Change Paper

Song and Social Change Paper and Presentation (Paper is 20%; Presentation is 10%) Draft Paper is due on Turnitin by Friday, February 2/14 before Midnight Final Paper is due by Turnitin by Friday, Sunday 3/1, before midnight  In this this 8-10 page double-spaced paper, you should discuss a popular protest song in American history.  The […]

Troy University Social Science Berkeley in the Sixties Discussion

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better. Please watch the rest of “Berkeley in the Sixties”. Here is a link to the folder for the film. You can download it and watch it (https://troyuniversity448-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/jrbrooks_troy_edu/Esldf8w2UI5AiX2fTAqHUIsBPKYRrEfOAdVJZVMt-xB6Lw?e=4acyBN).  If this does not work, you can rent it on Vimeo for $3 – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/berkeleyinthe60s […]

Anglia Ruskin University Estates, Probates, & Trusts Essay

Week 2 Activity: Estates, Probates, & Trusts (Presentations) Multimedia Presentation Research Activity. Week 2: Estates, Probates, & Trusts Students will watch and listen to audio/video presentations on a selected real estate case study topic and learn career experience skills. Students will complete the assignment by responding to prompts and writing out complete answers. DIRECTIONS: Select […]

ARUCC Social Science Real Estate Book Chapters Discussion Response

Please respond to ateel   Overview Getting closure with our textbook to read on the next couple chapters. One chapter is about agencies and the listing agreements. The next chapter is the listings package & Breakdown of listing Agreements.  Key Concept from Chapter 3 First, chapter three is strictly the agency and listing agreements chapter […]