Auburn University Social Science Counter Terrorisms Policies in the US Paper

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research paper based on one of the following five topics:

(1) compare two domestic terrorist groups (one violent, one nonviolent) and explain why one group adopted violence while the other did not;

(2) choose two domestic terrorist groups (one active and one that has abandoned terrorism) and explain why one has abandoned armed struggle where the other has not;

(3) choose two federal states or government agencies that have confronted terrorism threats using different policies, and explain why they chose different policies;

(4) select two different types of counter-terrorism policies in the USA (one successful and one failed), and explain why one policy has succeeded where the other has failed.

(5) A topic of your choice from the course. This could be, for example, a case study of a specific domestic terrorist group or a critique of a specific counter-terrorism policy or strategy. If you chose this option, please discuss with Dr den Heyer .

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