Convert essay into a visual short film

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There is 4 attached essay doc’s down below. Choose anyone of them Then Start convert them into a short film. Before you start visual essay presentation let me know which one you will use for your visual essay presentation and why? (5 sentence is fine) You have to reply me right away. Due day 1.

Please follow those instructions.…

For this assignment you can create one of the following:

# a blog post/ web article

# a video

# a powerpoint presentation

# a prezi presentation

Or any other software.

@ Do not make too short film

(*please only use technology that you are comfortable with; you want to spend your time on developing you argument, not dealing with software questions or problems)

You will use one of the essays your wrote this semester as the basis for this assignment, but you are not simply taking the words you have written and presenting them somewhere else; you need to add visual elements and technology to enhance your argument. These elements can include pictures, drawings, charts and graphs, hyperlinks, embedded video, layout and design, audio recordings, interviews, music, reenactments etc.

Examples of Visual Arguments:

Turn your narrative essay into a short film that shows your characters being introduced to a complication, reacting to it, and resolving it.

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your descriptive essay that includes photos and videos for each of the descriptive elements you cover in your essay.

Craft a blog post/web article version of your compare/contrast essay that includes links to the articles you have cited, statistics presented as graphs, and interviews with people that support both sides of the argument.

Allow your causal analysis essay to literally “move” from cause to effect by creating a Prezi presentation that provides photographic and video evidence of your causes or effects.

Resources for this Assignment:

  • The chapters on descriptive, narrative, causal, and comparison writing all have a small section on visuals that can aid your argument.
  • Chapter 8 in Argument Today discusses visual arguments in more detail.
  • Chapters 21 and 23 in Argument Today provide more information on how to design an argument and present arguments in virtual spaces.

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