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  1. Read the two discussion posts below and respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources.
  2. Apply critical thinking. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will not be counted.
  3. The response to each post should 100 words each.

#1: Assuming that the dancer was a paid performer, managers might have tried to accomplish a series of things. Managers may want the be people to develop productive relationship with key people on the team. Managers will try to accomplish making everyone get along and be a good partner. They will also want the people who they are managing to be available. This group is an informal group. An informal group is a group formed by people whose overriding purpose is getting together for friendship or a common interest. Some team and group considerations I identified in the movie clip were collaboration, having trust and performance goals and feedback. Managers would want the members to come together and help each other out, don’t judge a person, and most importantly have fun with each other. Doing those things will bring the team together more and be very beneficial for the organization in the long run. For an organization to have good success the people who work for that organization must respect each other and understand their differences and never make a person feel left out. The managers would want to establish some good behaviors like equality, empathy, supportiveness, positiveness and openness. Those five basic behaviors will enable an organization to work through conflicts.

#2: After watching the clip and comparing it to what we are learning this week, it can be seen that one of the group or team considerations is roles. The woman who requested the song and began the dancing is considered the initiator. Without her, it is likely the dancing would have never ensued. If this were a management situation and the dancer was a paid performer, management would try to get the crowd involved and engaged. The dancer would have to be an initiator, as well as an orienteer to keep people interested. When people join into a big group dance like this, they tend to look around at one another. This is for various reasons, such as wanting to make sure they are doing the right moves or that they are not the only ones there. A paid performer would have to encourage a consideration called trust. By having trust in the performer and in the other members of the group, they can have a good time and enjoy the dance. Management might encourage people to suggest other songs, as well, to keep the dancing going. They are more likely to stay engaged if songs are on that they enjoy. This will ensure people have a good time and come back to see the performer again.

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