Training and Development

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Each of you has probably experienced training on a specific skill. This may have been for a current or previous job, or in a different scenario. In fact, many of you are participating in this class as a form of training. After reviewing figure 7.2 in your textbook, write a post. In it apply the Training Process model to a skill you have identified as needing to be developed. This occurs in the first stage of Needs Assessment. Be sure you apply each stage, including the last one, where you discuss how you will identify successful outcomes and measure the success of the training.

Please follow this format and include the numbering, titles and questions I have listed below. Answer each question clearly, concisely and completely in as few sentences as possible:

Name the position for which you wrote the job description, the recruitment and selection plan, and the interview questions. Example: HR Teacher

1) What is the skill you have been asked to develop? Example: I was asked to learn to upload assignments to ulearn.
2) Who asked you to develop this skill, someone else (position) or you? Example: My department chair asked me to learn this new skill.
3) Why do you need to develop this skill? Example: The university is requiring all faculty to post assignments to ulearn.

4) What attitudes and motivation do you possess that indicate you are ready for this training? Example: I am motivated to do this because I want my students to succeed. I am open and adaptable to changing requirements.
5) Do you have all the basic skills necessary to succeed with this training? Example: Yes, I have used ulearn successfully in other ways so I know how to navigate the system.

6) Have you been given the learning objectives and expectations for this training, what you will learn? Example: Yes I was given two objectives (you list yours).
7) Have you had an opportunity to observe others doing this task? Example: Yes, I worked with a faculty mentor.
8) Have you been given adequate materials for the training? Example: Yes, time was scheduled in a computer lab. I have written directions and a tutorial online.
9) Were you able to practice the skill with supervision? Example: Yes, my mentor observed me doing this for ten assignments.
10) Were you given feedback on your performance? Example: Yes, my mentor provided feedback as we worked and the department chair critiqued my ulearn site.

11) How will you insure transfer of training? Example: I will review each assignment to be sure it appears so students can view it. My chair will review the site before the course opens.

12) How is the training conducted? You are now on your own to provide this information.
13) How was the training evaluated? Not how were you evaluated but the training?

Remember to use figure 7.2 in your textbook as a guide. Everything you need is in this chapter 7.

You must respond to two other students posts and evaluate the thoroughness of their responses. Your responses should contribute to the conversation by asking a question or providing additional information on the topic. You are encouraged to respond to all posts/comments/questions to your original post to continue the conversation.

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