What is entrepreneurship and how national culture can impact an entrepreneurship?

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Individual assignment (60%) – Growing a business based on:

1. National Culture theory.

Drawing on theory discussed during this module, your task is to critically apply entrepreneurship models, concepts and theories to a practical case. You will identify an entrepreneurial business, critically evaluate the business concept, its entrepreneur/entrepreneurial team and its growth prospects, and recommend what it will need to do to continue to grow and develop in the future.

This submission is to be maximum of 2,000 words, excluding references and appendices.

*Notice, I attached all lecture files below please do open and write from them.

*Notice, put Citation in each paragraph and references should be in Harvard style, Max 23 references & at least 16 references.

S. No

Page No.


Executive Summary




Details of Business and Product/services (name of the company, the owner of the company, when did the company start, type of company (sole/partnership/LLC/holding company) along with positive point), company structure, number of employees (changes)


Characteristic feature of the owner (Link with lecture-1.2, slide 2, 5)

(Lecture 3.1 What actually triggers entrepreneur to start a business?

• Necessity based

• Lifestyle based

• Comfort-zone

• Opportunity / growth oriented

It can also need to consider issues like identity, aspirations, ambitions,

constraining factors etc.


Business Development


Summary Growth in terms facts and figures, sale, profit, branches, customers, production level- (in appendix-financial details like balance sheet, annual report, cash-flow statement)


Link with Entrepreneurship theory which is in Lecture 3.2


Market growth


The type of strategies adopted by the company – marketing , research and development activities, product/service development , plans for financial and human resource management,


Market development growth model (Lecture Growth Model)


Current summary of the company’s success and failure

(Lecture 9.1 failure and 9.2 success)



Cover points for future growth of the company – marketing mix financial, human resources plan, strategic plan, operation plan, change organization structure, management style



Harvard Style




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