Performance Management

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Part 2. Leadership

2.2 Describe a situation in which you had to manage change by having to motivate a group of peers or employees to complete a difficult task. Explain how you communicated the change? Explain what methods or strategiesyou used to resolve conflict among your peers or employees? Was the change successful ? Why or why not?

2.3 Create one short term plan and one long term plan to reduce costs at your place of work.Explain your decision making process in deciding upon these plans. Explain how you would effectively communicate your plan to your direct manager to obtain buy in.Explain what components in obtaining these goals could be delegated to another employee and explain your reasoning.

2.4 You have been re-assigned to supervise a technical production department. The employees within this group are front line employees that provided On Line technical support to customers. Describe how you would identify the departments training needs? Describe how you would evaluate if the training met your needs. Explain what role you should play in delivering the training versus Human Resources. Explain whatyour preferred method of training would be.

Part 3. Performance Management

3.1 Throughout the week you have observed a drop in your team’s productivity.Describe some of the indicators that would point to a poor performing employee.Explain how you would collect the data on the drop in productivity. Explain what steps you would take in preparing to take disciplinary action against the employee. Describe the various employee responses to receiving the discipline and what options you have as a supervisor in assisting the employee recognizing their performance issue.

3.2 Based on the above scenario you as a supervisor must now prepare for the employees year end performance review session.Write a script detailing the narrative that you would prepare and read to a problem employee that has only met 3 of their 10 goals and objectives that were established with them at the beginning of the year. In creating the script you will have to anticipate resistance and build in your responses. The script should have at least six (6) short sentences (including the opening & closing remarks).

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