Research: Food security challenge

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The paper simply addresses Food security challenge in South Sudan. The length of the paper should be 13 pages written, additional to 1 or 2 bibliography page. The source used in the paper has to follow APA format.

**The paper needs to be done on Saturday night at 12am (4/14/18).

I have writte the outline based on what the professor required, which as at follow;

  • Overall Summary (1 page) – succinct summary of the food security challenge that the project addresses, the goal and proposed interventions, metrics of success and learning agenda.
  • Problem Analysis (2-3 pages) – description of key problems faced by the country (or specific regions or population groups within the country), both the symptoms as well as root causes. Be sure to include some trend analysis of how the problems have evolved over time and who is most affected.
  • Results Framework (2-3 pages) – Concisely worded goal, strategic objectives (SO) and intermediate results (IR) of the project including proposed interventions sequenced over a five year period to addresses the key problems.
  • Metrics of Success (1-2 pages) – Proposed indicators for each SO and IR that will be tracked and reported to the donor, frequency of measurement and proposed methods for monitoring and evaluation. (a table format is helpful for this section)
  • Learning Agenda (1-2 pages) – What research hypotheses do you propose to test? What methods will you use to carry out this research? How will you incorporate this learning into project implementation?

In the paper, the professor asks us to make sure to answer the following questions:

  • What is the food security challenge and what are its symptoms and root causes?
  • What interventions do you propose to help this community improve their food and livelihood security and increase their resilience?
  • How do these interventions relate to the key problems faced by the community and how do the interventions reinforce each other?
  • What organization(s) and/or government institutions will you collaborate with in the country to carry out the interventions?
  • How will you measure the success of these interventions in addressing the key problems?
  • What research hypotheses will you test to obtain rigorous evidence of program effectiveness?

PS: I would like to receive the Problem Analysis during the next weekend if that possible.

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