1. Review one article pertaining to customer trends in the food service industry. 2. Review one article pertaining to green and sustainable practices in the food service industry

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1.SUMMARY: Write a 100-word summary of the article.

PLUS answer the following questions!!

2.WHAT I FIND MOST INTRIGUING: What is it about the topic that intrigues you the most?

3.MAIN PREMISE: Pick the statement that best describes the main premise of the article; include the statement and your explanation of the statement.

4.TWO STATEMENTS THAT AGREE / DISAGREE WITH TEXT: Pick two statements in the article that either agrees or disagrees with the textbook or that we have discussed in class. Include the statements and your explanation of them.

5.THE STATEMENT I LEARNED THE MOST FROM: Pick the statement in the article that you feel you have learned the most. Include the statement and your explanation.

6.HOW I WILL USE THE INFORMATION IN MY JOB: Explain how you will utilize the material from the article on your job in the food service industry.

Refer to the file attached and follow the instructions.

Thank You


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