Compare and Contrast the Mating Signals of Anurans and Passerines

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Essay Instruction is uploaded in the files:

In this essay you will present your comparing and contrasting analysis on the mating signals used by members of two different vertebrate orders—anurans (frogs and toads) and passerines (songbirds). Specifically, you should analyze how mating signals used by anurans and passerines are similar/different in terms of:

(1) Production mechanism (anatomy and physiology);

(2) Acoustic structure and degree of complexity of the signals, and factors influencing variation in the signals (e.g., species, repertoire size, time of the day, etc.); and

(3) Adaptive function of the mating signals (e.g., what information is conveyed, how males ‘show off’ their qualities, how females select best mate, etc.).

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