Project Metrics, Monitoring, and Control

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Option #1: Analyze a Post-Completion Project Review Report—Boston Harbor Project

For your Portfolio Project, review and analyze the following post-completion project review report (a case study) with a focus on project metrics and performance measurement: A Case Study of Construction Management on the Boston Harbor Project Reflections at Project Completion

Since the key sections of your work correspond to each individual module of the course, it is recommended that you progressively develop your project based on each week’s topic.

Please Note : Chapter 1.11 of your textbook (attached Texbook reserve.pdf) describes a model that can be used in achieving success. This is a class on project metrics and control so I am looking for inclusion of those items in everything we do this term.

Prepare a 13- to 15-page narrative to address the following topics:

  • Project scope, objectives, and outcome requirements (submitted in Week 2)
  • Project stakeholders and reporting needs (submitted in Week 2)
  • Challenges in project performance measurement as well as metrics that the team could use for more effective control. Explain why.
  • The KPIs and KPI targets that the team could use. Explain the KPI selection process and justify the KPIs you choose.
  • How the use of earned value and other value metrics could be incorporated in project performance management.
  • A discussion of what metrics could be used to develop a dashboard and how input data could be used to calculate needed KPIs and metrics in the dashboard.
  • A discussion of other visual tools that the project could use along with a discussion of why the use of dashboards and visuals tools could result in more effective management of the project.
  • A discussion of the key considerations for performance measurement and challenges in the use of the right measurement techniques. Outline your recommended strategies to overcome these challenges.

Paper Requirements:

  • Incorporate at least three of the recommended readings for the course and four outside references (a peer-reviewed scholarly article published in the last five years, references not to include required or recommended reading assignments, or the textbook).
  • Incorporate any constructive feedback provided by your instructor on your work in Week 2.
  • Properly organize your writing and include an introduction, headings/subheadings for the body of your work, discussion recommendations, and a conclusion.
  • Format your entire paper in accordance with the APA Guidelines.
  • Your paper must be 13-15 pages long, not including the required title page and references page, or any other supplemental pages such as appendices you choose to include.
  • Paper needs to simple essay format with proper introduction not more than half the page and appropriate conclusion.

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