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The weekly News Item is designed to provide a link from the media to the readings of the text and the discussions from class. These assignments answer four basic questions about a news article: the main idea; who is involved; how it related to class; and your opinion and why you believe that way. Having the chance to relate what you read and discuss to real-world happenings can bring alive the chapters and topics of the class.

 Activity Instructions

Find a news item (newspaper, magazine, Internet site related to or about the American political system). Write a paper discussing the following information: 

  • Name of article and were from
  • Main idea
  • The people involved [i. e., name, office, party – if known]
  • How it relates to the current or previous class readings
  • Your opinion and WHY you believe this way 

Include the source of your article in the first line.

10th Historical Development: From the Nation’s founding to today.

11th Parties and Party Leadership or How a Bill Become Law.

12th Choosing the President

13th Policy and Power in the Bureaucracy.

14th The Federal Judicial system.

14thFederal Court Appointees

They are 5, and for each one you have to read news and write about it.

I just submited an example.


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