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Assignment: Paragraph Revisions

Are you ready to strengthen your paragraph in this first round of revisions?

For this Assignment, you will review the Learning Resources on revision and paragraph development. With the principles outlined in the Learning Resources in mind, try your hand at revising your first-draft paragraph from Week 3’s Assignment. Look for the four components of main idea, evidence, analysis, and lead-in.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources related to revision and paragraph development.
  • Review your first-draft paragraph from Week 3 Assignment against the MEAL plan model.
  • Review the Infographic on MEAL plan guidelines

The Assignment:

******ATTACHED*****Revise the paragraph from your Week 3 Assignment, to align with MEAL plan guidelines, so that your paragraph includes a main idea, supporting evidence, analysis, and lead-out. Your submission should be 1 paragraph long.

Use the following questions to guide the writing of your paragraph:

  • Does your paragraph begin with a clearly stated main idea?
  • Does your paragraph include evidence supporting the main idea?
  • Does your paragraph provide analysis and/or counterarguments?
  • Does your paragraph end with a lead-out sentence?

Submit your Assignment using Walden’s APA Course Paper Template. Assignments that are submitted without using Walden’s APA Course Paper Template will not be reviewed by your Instructor.

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