ASSA The Injuries that Individuals Suffer & Safety Protocols Discussion

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I can recall a time when a friend of mine was painting his home and fell off a 6 ft A-frame ladder and shattered his left elbow. He was out of work for roughly a year or more and he never regained full mobility of his elbow. Another incident that I can recall is when I worked as an EMT and I remember going on a call involving a woman who fell off of a step stool it might have been about 2 feet high. Well when we arrived on scene she was in severe pain and her right leg/knee was swollen and appeared displaced. The paramedic on board determined that her leg was broken. The lesson in both of these incidents for me was that although the height of the fall was minor the injuries were not.

Ladder safety is important and can be overlooked in General Industry, at my facility we ensured that all ladders were secured with a chain when stored, inspected before and after each use, and only associates that were trained were allowed to use them. Also any authorized person using a ladder and caught standing on the top rung would be terminated.

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